Players Online = 128 From [1000] Slots

Stampede (Game Rules)

  • Rule No. 1 Botting is allowed.MYSRO.EU
  • Rule No. 2 Multi Clients are allowed.MYSRO.EU
  • Rule No. 3 Proxy is forbidden.MYSRO.EU
  • Rule No. 4 Selling items, gold, silk for real money is forbidden.MYSRO.EU
  • Rule No. 5 Trading game accounts is allowed.MYSRO.EU
  • Rule No. 6 For Trades, you can ask GM for being Middleman.MYSRO.EU
  • Rule No. 7 Promotion or mention of other servers in chat/global is forbidden.MYSRO.EU
  • Rule No. 8 Don't ask GM for gold, items, powerlevel or such things.MYSRO.EU
  • Rule No. 9 Do not abuse any bug or use hacks. (Bots and Loaders are OK).MYSRO.EU
  • Rule No. 10 Game client modifications are forbidden.MYSRO.EU
  • Rule No. 11 You are not allowed to go to any Activity War with multiple Chars.MYSRO.EU
  • Rule No. 12 Murder on Events is not allowed.MYSRO.EU
  • Rule No. 13 Do not cheat at the CTF-Event (multichars or join enemy team).MYSRO.EU
  • Rule No. 14 Be friendly and try to act mature.MYSRO.EU
  • Rule No. 15 No racism at all is allowed.MYSRO.EU
  • Rule No. 16 No offensive, racist, or staff impersonating names are not allowed.MYSRO.EU
  • Rule No. 17 Impersonating a staff member will get you banned for life.MYSRO.EU
  • Rule No. 18 The Team should be treated with respect. Rules must be followed.MYSRO.EU
  • Rule No. 19 We take the right to ban and delete your account at any time.MYSRO.EU
  • Rule No. 20 Not knowing and or not reading these rules is not an excuse.MYSRO.EU

About Rules (MYSRO)

  • Stampede All people are equal.MYSRO.EU
  • Stampede Everyone has the right to the truth.MYSRO.EU
  • Stampede You have the right to tell your own opinion.MYSRO.EU
  • Stampede You have the right to make suggestions.MYSRO.EU
  • Stampede You have the right to report anyone.MYSRO.EU
  • Stampede Everyone has the right to play, as long the rules are respected.MYSRO.EU
  • Stampede You can ask the Staff any questions as long it's not useless.MYSRO.EU
  • Stampede By donating to us you certify that you are 18 years or older.MYSRO.EU
  • Stampede By donating you support game. In return, you will be rewarded.MYSRO.EU
  • Stampede We do not give any refund for whatever reason it can be.MYSRO.EU

Disclaimer (MYSRO)

    — The staff is not responsible for user mistakes, such as buying the wrong item, getting scammed by others.

    — Bug or exploit abusers will get banned. If you find such things, better report it to the GM directly.

    — Do not share your ID or password with anyone, complaints about hacking account won't get you support.

    — It is your responsability to keep your account information safe.

    — Bug or exploit abusers will get banned. If you find such things, better report it to the GM directly.

    — For better communication and understanding certain situations, talk to GM in English.

    — If you see someone violating this rules, please take a Screenshot or Video as a proof, and report them.

    — Only unedited Screenshots (this includes the filename) are approved as a proof.

    — Reports with edited screenshots or without proof will be meaningless and you get ban for false report.

    — We reserve the right to edit these rules at any time without prior notice, so please check this sometimes.

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Fort War (Sunday 20:00-22:00)

Jangan Fortressdummy (Tax 0%)

Bandit Fortressdummy (Tax 0%)

Hotan Fortressdummy (Tax 0%)

General Status

Server NameStampede
Server FilesVSRO (v1.188)
Game Versionv1.337
Silkroad Online Patch Note (SRO)Heroes Of Alexandria
IP Limit8 Clients
PC Limit4 Clients
Server RegionEurope (Romania)
Advanced FilterSR_Proxy
Silk / H2 Cookies Each H
Vote4Silk4 Cookies Each Run
Unique4Silk6 Cookies Each Kill
Event4Silk8 Cookies Each Bot
Donate4Silk100 Cookies Each $

Server Details

RaceChina + Europe
Mastery440 | 220
Skill & Level Cap110
Monster BaseAll Region Working
Gear Cap11 Degree
Last Gear (NOVA)EGY [A] & EGY [B]
Maximum Plus(+15) With Adv Elixir
Advanced Elixir*A+(1) & *B+(2)
NPC Items(1-9) Degree Clean
Stackable ItemsIncreased (50%)
Events (Auto)YES (EACH 30 MIN)
Auto EquipmentLEVEL (13-89)
Equip Own ItemsAFTER LEVEL 90

Game Rates

Party Exp99x
Drop Item33x
Gold Drop11x
Sox Rate3x
Job Rate44x
Stone Rate80%
Alchemy Rate2x
Forgotten World5x
Magic Pop25%
Gold (Start)10.000.000
Skill Points (Start)250.000
Gear Items (Start)LVL 1 (+7) CLEAN